A Closer look at DateTime Operations

There are many ways you could round off a DateTime to the nearest Hour. You could create a new Instance of DateTime, ignoring the current instance's Minute/Seconds parts. You could also use the Add Minute method as seen in the following code. Constructor Vs Add Method But which of the two is more efficient ? … Continue reading A Closer look at DateTime Operations

WaitForFirstN Tasks Method

There is a definite gap between TAP Utilities Task.WaitAny and Task.WaitAll. How do we wait for the first 'N' tasks from an array of tasks. That is one utility that is missing from TAP's rich repository. It might not be hard to implement one by yourself though. The above code uses existing Task Collaborators Task.WaitAny … Continue reading WaitForFirstN Tasks Method

Nominal Vs Structural Type System

Anonymous Types and Tuples might look very similar, but there is one significant difference which separates them. As always, nothing can be more explanatory than writing code. Consider the above code. What could be the output ? Are both false or are both true ? Interestingly, the output is as follows. Though syntactically similar, both … Continue reading Nominal Vs Structural Type System