MongoDb 002 : CRUD – Part 1

We will continue with our exploration of MongoDb in this second part of tutorial, working our CRUD examples. Let's beging with the 'C'. In order to create a document, you would need to use, as you can guess, the Insert command. Notice that we are using a new collection named subject here. MongoDb would automatically … Continue reading MongoDb 002 : CRUD – Part 1

MongoDb 001 : Basic Commands

Before we actually get into MongoDb, let's begin by importing a Test Db. You can access the JSON file here. Once you have downloaded the file, use following command to import the document into mongodb. Let's break it down, the command tells you to import a file students.json into a database called testdb and collection … Continue reading MongoDb 001 : Basic Commands

Workaround for MySql 5.7 EF DbFirst Issue

Anyone working on .Net application with MySql 5.7 and EF in Db First Approach would have come across what is an officially confirmed bug. ¬†This bug rises when you attempt to generate/update your Entity Model after changes to the Database. "Unable to generate the model because of the following exception: 'System.Data.StrongTypingException: The value for column … Continue reading Workaround for MySql 5.7 EF DbFirst Issue

Appending Strings and Parameters in Firebird.

One of the issues I recently faced while working with Firebird was how to use a string within a 'Execute Statement'. For example, ¬† This throws an error. though the answer looked farely simple when done. You need to two Single Quotes. There might be another situation, when you need to append string based on … Continue reading Appending Strings and Parameters in Firebird.

Firebird 3.0 Issues

Migrating to Firebird 3.0 has been routine that caused more headache than expected. One of most common, yet pestering error was "Your user name and password are not defined". Interestingly, it worked perfectly fine when we were using the Firebird 4.10 Nuget, however, the moment we update our Nuget package to 5.7, we are … Continue reading Firebird 3.0 Issues