Automapper – Use IoC for creating Destinations

Automapper by default creates new instances of destination using the default contructor. If you need to ask the IoC to create the new instance, it actually turns out to be pretty simple. We will begin by setting up our Unity Container to register the IMapper. As you can see, you are also initializing the Automapper … Continue reading Automapper – Use IoC for creating Destinations

Caliburn.Micro #007 : Bootstrapper with Unity

Unity is one of the most commonly used IOC containers used by developers, and it would be unfair if I don't include it as a part of the Caliburn.Micro WPF Tutorials (Creating Bootstrappers).  This particular post is dedicated to building bootstrapper for Caliburn.Micro application using Unity as the IoC Container. The key for creating Bootstrappers … Continue reading Caliburn.Micro #007 : Bootstrapper with Unity