Stay Open Functionality for Oxyplot Tracker

One of the recent questions on Stackoverflow was about having a Oxyplot tracker that Is evoked only over the Points and NOT line/outside.Stays Open until another point is selected. The first part could be easily achieved by using a Custom PlotController that Binds the Mouse Down event only the Left Mouse Button and only on Tracks CustomPlotController = … Continue reading Stay Open Functionality for Oxyplot Tracker

Oxyplot : Using Datagrid for tooltip

Oxyplot uses Tracker Controls for displaying tooltip. You could extend the display by Customizing the Default Tracker control. In this article, we will look deeper into that Tracker Control and aim to display a Grid in the Tracker Control. For sake of example, let us assume a Fruit Seller, who wants to plot his sales … Continue reading Oxyplot : Using Datagrid for tooltip