Real World Demo Applications

One of the recent projects I started on Github is NT – my own version of Thinkster’s Real World repos. The idea, much like the original idea, is to pick up a project topic and implement it in every language/framework i learn.

As a beginning, I have created the Web API using .Net 5 Preview with MongoDb as the database. The client is being currently developed under following platforms.

  • ReactJs
  • WPF

I also plan to the client implement with VueJs , Flutter/Dart and Xamarin in immediate future. Rest of the frameworks/languages would be added as and when I explore them. I am tempted to simultaneously implement the projects, rather than completing them sequentially due to personal reasons.

I am also making use of supporting frameworks like DocFx for documentations and Github Actions for CI/CD. The deployed documentation (generated with Docfx to begin with) would be deployed in Github Pages.

If you are interested in the project, please do follow it here in my Github.