Mocking User.Identity.Name

One of the other issue you might encounter while unit testing your Controller is when you dealing with Identity. Consider the following action method. public async Task<BarResponse> Foo(BarRequest user) { if (ModelState.IsValid) { try { var userName = User.Identity.Name; // Do Task return new BarResponse{ }; } catch (Exception ex) { return new BarResponse { … Continue reading Mocking User.Identity.Name

Mock RestClient.ExecuteAsync

RestSharp is not a stranger to developers, so is the usage. What this posts aims to explore is how to do Unit Test a method, involving a RestClient.ExecuteAsync call. To be more precise, the post explores how to mock the RestClient for the method. Let's consider the following code, taken from VSPostman, one of the … Continue reading Mock RestClient.ExecuteAsync