Xamarin SearchBar in Android 7

Searchbar is one of the most sought after controls in Xamarin Forms. One of the recent issues it ran into was when it was tested with Android 7. The Control just disappeared when ran in Android 7, while the same worked well in earlier version.
The solution or rather the work around for it is simple. All you need to is explicitly the height for the control. And you are all set.

Missing SDK Error

One of the first and simplest warning any newbie (just like me) to Xamarin might encounter is

An unexpected error occurred trying to initialize Android Designer.
Please verify the Android SDK path and the Java Development Kit path on
Tools->Options->Xamarin->Android Settings menu. Please see the logs for more details.

You might first ensure if the SDK folders are correctly mapped. If it is and you still get the errors, it is time to fire up your SDK Manager and update the following

  1. Android SDK Tools
  2. Andriod SDK Platform-tools
  3. Andriod SDK Build-tools

You would also need to ensure your JDK is 1.8. That should take away the warning. Just in case the following warning comes, restart your visual studio and you should be all set.

IDE0006 Error encountered while loading the project. Some project features, such as full solution analysis for the failed project and projects that depend on it, have been disabled