Git stash

Git is arguably the most versatile version control system around and one cannot resist falling in love with this awesome piece of code every time you use it. One of the lesser known features in Git, especially for individual developers/teams who have recently migrated from other tools is the "stash" command. You might often find … Continue reading Git stash

Looking back at DRY

Continuing with our series to bring together the common design patterns and principles, we will, in this particular post, look into arguably the most famous design principle known to programmers - DRY. Don't Repeat Yourselves - or DRY, is possibly the easiest to practice, at the same time, one that could go wrong in the … Continue reading Looking back at DRY

A Closer look at DateTime Operations

There are many ways you could round off a DateTime to the nearest Hour. You could create a new Instance of DateTime, ignoring the current instance's Minute/Seconds parts. You could also use the Add Minute method as seen in the following code. Constructor Vs Add Method But which of the two is more efficient ? … Continue reading A Closer look at DateTime Operations