Mediator using MassTransit

In our previous blogs, we had visited the Mediator Pattern and also walked through the implementation of Mediator using Mediatr library. In this example, we will look into an alternative library - the MassTransit. Over the years, MassTransit has made its APIs a lot more simpler. I wasn't a huge of the earlier implementations, but the last time I … Continue reading Mediator using MassTransit

gRPC-Web : Using gRPC over browser application

Previously, we created a gRPC server in .NET and connected it using a Flutter Desktop client. In this blog post, we would attempt to connect a web application running on a browser to the gRPC server. We will look at the problems, and the solutions we have, particularly, the gRPC-Web .Net Microsoft have come out … Continue reading gRPC-Web : Using gRPC over browser application

QT #1 : Introduction to QT C++

QT(pronounced as Cute) has been around for a long time now. At the time of writing of this blog, Qt 6.4 is the latest stable version. Why Qt ? Qt is a cross platoform framework for development of application across Windows, Linux, Android, IOS and embedded devices. Cross Platform application development allows developers to use the … Continue reading QT #1 : Introduction to QT C++