.Net 6 : PriorityQueue

.Net 6 is round the corner and in this post, we will continue exploring different features .Net 6/ c# 10 has to offer. For this post, we will focus on the Priority Queue. Fundamentally Queues are data structures that follow the FIFO (or First In First Out). .Net had an implementation of the Queue for … Continue reading .Net 6 : PriorityQueue

.Net 6 : PeriodTimer

.NET supports various timer classes, each of which offers different functionality. As Microsoft states in its documentation, System.Timers.Timer, which fires an event and executes the code in one or more event sinks at regular intervals. The class is intended for use as a server-based or service component in a multithreaded environment; it has no user … Continue reading .Net 6 : PeriodTimer

Caliburn Micro 4.0 – Issue with EventAggregator

I have always like Caliburn Micro since I started using few years back. Of course had the opportunity to use it at work as well and that made it more likeable. But at the same time, I am not a huge fan of one of the latest changes that happened in v4.0, even though I … Continue reading Caliburn Micro 4.0 – Issue with EventAggregator

.Net 6 : ArgumentNullException.ThrowIfNull

.Net 6 has some nice little hidden features which helps in creating cleaner code, and in this post we will look into one such feature. Previously, if we needed to check if an object is null and raise an exception, we would have done as the following. void Foo(Bar bar) { if (bar is null) … Continue reading .Net 6 : ArgumentNullException.ThrowIfNull

Source Generator for DebuggerDisplayAttribute

While Debugging your application, it is often handy to have the DebuggerDisplayAttribute set, enabling you to quickly glance over complex data structures. While these aren't way too much to type in your self, it would be handy to have the code Auto generated for you. In this blog post, we will create a Source Generator using the … Continue reading Source Generator for DebuggerDisplayAttribute