.Net 6 : Benchmark performance of JsonSerializer.DeserializeAsyncEnumerable

This should have been part of my earlier post on System.Text.Json Support for IAsyncEnumerable, but it slipped off my mind. So here we are. To understand the significance of this feature in .Net 6, one need to understand the circumstances under which these might be useful. The first of those would be of course, that the … Continue reading .Net 6 : Benchmark performance of JsonSerializer.DeserializeAsyncEnumerable

.Net 6 : System.Text.Json support for IAsyncEnumerable

As the Preview 4 of .Net 6 becomes available, one of the things that excites me is the System.Text.Json support for IAsyncEnumerable. The IAsyncEnumerable, introduced in .Net Core 3 and C# 8, enables us to iterate over async Enumerables. The newer version extends this support to the System.Text.Json. Consider the following data. [{"Id":0,"Value":"915777539"},{"Id":1,"Value":"1332243482"},{"Id":2,"Value":"306207588"}, {"Id":3,"Value":"1413388423"},{"Id":4,"Value":"2145941621"},{"Id":5,"Value":"1041779876"}, {"Id":6,"Value":"1121436961"},{"Id":7,"Value":"520045044"},{"Id":8,"Value":"1357859915"}, {"Id":9,"Value":"1340510964"},{"Id":10,"Value":"1183306988"},{"Id":11,"Value":"502467538"}, {"Id":12,"Value":"31513434"},{"Id":13,"Value":"999086707"},{"Id":14,"Value":"961728759"}, {"Id":15,"Value":"1756662810"},{"Id":16,"Value":"1018107007"},{"Id":17,"Value":"433502262"}, {"Id":18,"Value":"1784715926"},{"Id":19,"Value":"1418088822"},{"Id":20,"Value":"645106286"}, {"Id":21,"Value":"1720929044"},{"Id":22,"Value":"1102142546"},{"Id":23,"Value":"2138442183"}, {"Id":24,"Value":"208176799"},{"Id":25,"Value":"1700100438"},{"Id":26,"Value":"769308703"}, … Continue reading .Net 6 : System.Text.Json support for IAsyncEnumerable

Additional Release Burndown Charts

To say that Burndown Charts are significant for any Agile teams would to state the obvious. Anyone who has worked in an Agile project could tell you how useful these charts are in understanding overall progress of the project. A typical burndown chart during development of the project might look as the following. Traditional Release Burndown Chart The Blue … Continue reading Additional Release Burndown Charts

Prioritizing Features using Kano Model

The Product Backlog provides a collection of features that the Product should ideally implement. But not every feature has the same priority. Some of the features are more important than others and of course, the Product Owner doesn't go around picking random features while prioriterzing the features. There are various models and in this example, we will … Continue reading Prioritizing Features using Kano Model