Deploy Github Sub Directory To Azure

In this blog post, I would walk you through publishing a sub directory of your Github repository to the Azure. The first step would be to head over to your desired Resource Group in Azure Portal and Create a Web App Resource. For sake of demonstration, we would be publishing a web portal build using … Continue reading Deploy Github Sub Directory To Azure

CRUD Operations with Azure Table Storage in an Azure Function – C

In this series of byte sized tutorials, we will create an Azure Function for Crud Operations on an Azure Storage Table. For the demonstration, we will stick a basic web function, which would enable us to do the CRUD operations for a TODO table. The reason to pick Azure Storage table is primarly it is … Continue reading CRUD Operations with Azure Table Storage in an Azure Function – C

Custom Traits in xUnit

One of the implicit key characterstics which define the readability of any Unit Test cases is its ability to be grouped depending on multiple factors. NUnit uses CategoryAttribute, while MSTest uses the TestCategoryAttribute for grouping tests. With xUnit, you could make use the TraitAttribute to achieve this. However, this is not short of problems of its own. The most inconvenient part of … Continue reading Custom Traits in xUnit

Roslyn Analyzer : Analyzing Comments

One of the things one might encounter quite early while writing a Roslyn Code analyzer for comments is it is slightly different from detection of Syntax Nodes. In fact, it is not a node at all. Syntax nodes represent syntactic constructs, for example declaration, statements, clauses and expressions. A Comment do not quite fall in the same category. … Continue reading Roslyn Analyzer : Analyzing Comments