Axios Interceptors and Exception Handling

Handling exceptions globally and gracefully is essential part of any application. This reduces the scattered try-catch cases and enable to handle everything from one point. In this article, we will explore how to implement global exception handling when making Api calls in an SPA design. We will use VueJs for demonstration along with Axios packages to assist the Http calls. Axios … Continue reading Axios Interceptors and Exception Handling

Evil Code #13 : Tuple Deconstruction Assignment

It is not often that I end up writing two back to back posts on Evil Code series, and that too on the same topic. But like I said in the previous post, Tuples are really an interesting topic (if you are reading Jon Skeet's book, then everything is interesting) In this post, we will explore a … Continue reading Evil Code #13 : Tuple Deconstruction Assignment

Evil Code #12: Tuple Parameter – Overloads and Overrides

Tuples is an interesting subject to go back to due to certain peculiar qualities it possess. In this section, we would address some of them. To begin with, however, we will address how to tuples behave during method overloads - a pattern it share with rest of .Net. Consider the following code. public class Foo … Continue reading Evil Code #12: Tuple Parameter – Overloads and Overrides

A2Z.Net : A – Anonymous Types

This article marks the beginning of a new series of posts, which aims to dig deeper into 26 different features of .Net. For the first article, or the A - I have selected Anonymous Types. I would have chosen asynchronous programming, but I have whole dedicated series on asynchronous programming which could followed in this link. Introduced … Continue reading A2Z.Net : A – Anonymous Types