TPL And Asynchronous Programming

This series follows my study notes on TPL and asynchronous programming. A special thanks to Jon Skeets and Jeffrey Richter for their wonderful books,which has been the inspirations behind this series. Overhead of explicit ThreadsAwaitable PatternException Handling in async methodsAsynchronous Code - Behind the scenes - 001Asynchronous Code - Behind the scenes - 002Asynchronous Code … Continue reading TPL And Asynchronous Programming

Asynchronous Code – Behind the Scenes – 001

If you were to ask me what was the biggest milestone in .Net development, then my choice would definetly be .Net 5.0 - especially the introduction of the async/await. The more you learn about the underlying working, you cannot but stop and admire the efforts done by the lang uage developers to make our life easier. … Continue reading Asynchronous Code – Behind the Scenes – 001

Revisiting Exception Handling in async methods

It is interesting to observe how the Exceptions behave in async code. While the .Net framework attempts to ensure the exprerience of handling failures in async methods are as similar to the synchronous methods, there are subtle differences which is worth understanding. Let us examine the following code. async Task<string> Foo() { var client = … Continue reading Revisiting Exception Handling in async methods