Json Recipies – Part 2

Continuing with our earlier post on Json Recipies, let's explore couple of quick reference recipes using the famous NewtonSoft.Json. Recipe 04: Deserialize to Anonymous Type One of the least explored feature in NewtonSoft is the ability to deserialize a Json to anonymous type. For example, This would produce an output as Isn't that quite useful. … Continue reading Json Recipies – Part 2

Non-Blinking Caret in WPF Textbox

A recent question I came across recently was "How could one stop the caret in a WPF Textbox from blinking ?". My first instinct drove me in the direction of HideCaret method, but quickly realized WPF applications doesn't allow you to get the Handle for individual controls. It only provides handles for Windows. This was … Continue reading Non-Blinking Caret in WPF Textbox

Type Argument Inference during Type Initialization

One of the least discussed topics about compiler and Generic Methods is its ability to infer the Type Arguments. For example, consider the following code. A typical invocation of the code might look like following. However, in some scenarios as above, the compiler is smart enough to allow you to skip the type argument from … Continue reading Type Argument Inference during Type Initialization