Revisting Anonymous Type

While classes and structs are extremely powerful, there are times when you want to escape the cermonies they require even for simplest of design. This is where anonymous types comes handy and has been so frequent used by the developers. So what are Anonymous types really ? Let's consider an example first. Anonymous Types are … Continue reading Revisting Anonymous Type

Caliburn.Micro Template Pack now supports VS 2019

So glad to announce that Caliburn.Micro Template Pack now supports Visual Studio 2019. Caliburn.Micro Template Pack for WPF contains a comprehensive collection of Project Templates and Code Snippets for developing WPF application using Caliburn.Micro. It also includes Bootstrap templates for SimpleContainer, MEF and Unity. You can download the template from Visual Studio Marketplace You can … Continue reading Caliburn.Micro Template Pack now supports VS 2019

Oxyplot : Using Datagrid for tooltip

Oxyplot uses Tracker Controls for displaying tooltip. You could extend the display by Customizing the Default Tracker control. In this article, we will look deeper into that Tracker Control and aim to display a Grid in the Tracker Control. For sake of example, let us assume a Fruit Seller, who wants to plot his sales … Continue reading Oxyplot : Using Datagrid for tooltip

Law Of Demeter

If you ask any Software Developer, he would vouch that separation of concerns is the fundamental principles for maintaining any complex system and one of the vital links for achieving Separation of Concerns is decoupling. Law of Demeter (LoD), also known as Principle of least knowledge, intends to reduce coupling between objects as proposed by … Continue reading Law Of Demeter