Serialize Deserialize NameValueCollection

Don’t ask me why one cannot Serialize/Deserialize a NameValueCollection, but the workaround for the same is based on conversion to dictionary. I ended up writing extension methods to NameValueCollection for serializing and deserializing the collection.

public static string JSONSerialize(this NameValueCollection _nvc)
return JsonConvert.SerializeObject(_nvc.AllKeys.ToDictionary(k => k, k =>_nvc.GetValues(k)));
public static void JSONDeserialize(this NameValueCollection _nvc,string _serializedString)
var deserializedobject = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<Dictionary<string, string[]>>(_serializedString);
foreach (var strCol in deserializedobject.Values)
foreach (var str in strCol)
_nvc.Add(deserializedobject.FirstOrDefault(x => x.Value.Contains(str)).Key, str);

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