Batch Execution in Firebird

Executing a .sql file on Firebird Database can be quite a messy job. The lack of proper documentation and support would hurt you more when encountered issues and that is what I faced when I required to do execute contends of a .Sql File. Having understood that FbBatchExecution is the command I would required, I went to … Continue reading Batch Execution in Firebird

Exception Handling in Web API (Part 2): Exception Filter (Extended)

The Exception Filter implementation mentioned in the Part1 of the article is fairly simple and straightforward.  But as you start supporting more and more Exceptions, the Cyclomatic Complexity of the "OnException" method would increase because of the "if" condition nature. A cleaner implementation of the Filter is shown below using Dictionary. Isn't that cleaner ?  

Exception Handling in Web API (Part 1): Exception Filter

The Web World, especially Web Services is fast moving towards the more abstract simpler Web API. This article is not focused on comparing Web Service and Web API, but rather it focuses on Exception Handling in Web API. By default,  the most common exception that an API Controller raises are translated into an HTTP Status … Continue reading Exception Handling in Web API (Part 1): Exception Filter