Scrum Vs Kanban

Agile and Scrum has been ruling the Software Development industry for quite a time now, at same time, slowly, but surely, Kanban is finding itself a strong foothold in the industry. So what is Kanban and how is it different from Scrum ? Much like Scrum, Kanban is a tool for process improvement that provides … Continue reading Scrum Vs Kanban

Customized Debugger Tooltip

Code-Execute-Debug-Code-Execute-Debug.. This seems to be never ending cycle for any developer. Considerable amount of time of this cycle is spend in Debug phase, wherein user steps through breakpoints and traverse the objects and their properties. Thankfully, Microsoft has ensured that primitive types always shows the value, instead of any less-meaningful information. But what happens when … Continue reading Customized Debugger Tooltip

Evil Code 0001 : Lambda and Ref/out

What would be output of following ?         static void Main(string [] args)         {             List< int> numlist = new List< int>() {1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 };             CalculateAndPrint( ref numlist);         }           public static void CalculateAndPrint( ref List< int> Num)         {             var n = Num.Where(d => d > Num[2]);               foreach ( var item in n)             {                 Console.WriteLine(item);             }         } The most obvious answer is … Continue reading Evil Code 0001 : Lambda and Ref/out